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While welcoming you and wishing you a full recovery, we are very grateful that you have chosen Quaem (aj) hospital for your treatment and we appreciate your choice. We ask God almightly to help us provide the best services to our dear patients. Please read the contents of this site to get acquainted with this medical center and the services that can be provided by the hospital and the criteria specified by the center.

Tourism Treatment In Iran

Medical sciences and medical tourism is rapidly becoming a growing industry, and a large number of people travel abroad for treatment in specialized medical centers that can be treated and visit tourist spaces. Iran, with its advanced medical centers and a large number of highly specialized physicians and the most up-to-date medical equipment in the level of hospitals in European countries, has the potential to advance this industry. Due to the achievement of international standards in medical research and health and medical services, Iran has been able to offer a wide range of all high quality treatments to patients. Every year, a large number of people from all over the world come to this country for medical treatment, which can be considered a great destination for medical and health tourism.Quaem (aj) Center’s Health and Medical Tourism Complex, with full mastery over the capacity and medical and scientific facilities of Iran, as well as all tourism and recreation centers of the vast land of Iran, will consider the best and most diverse packages offered for esteemed clients. And it is hoped that in the next 5 years, Ghaem (aj) Hospital will become one of the top health tourism centers in the Middle East.

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